I will need more wine!

I know my ancestors are looking at me with faces I can’t tell if are frowned or they are generally ugly. Their wrinkled faces are giving me a look that can only show disgust that their blood runs in my veins. Their minds I am sure are battering with the thoughts of how everything about … Continue reading I will need more wine!

Kidneys for the Queen

The previous night was one of those I didn’t open my whatsapp messages. Most of them were from Arsenal fans rubbing embarrassment on our once proud faces. The chest thumping we had done along the streets of social media was more than what Hitler did when he conquered twenty -two countries during the Second World … Continue reading Kidneys for the Queen


Ramogi….. The universe that I call mine ceases to have a sun when you sleep. I hate men who snore, But, but for you, your snore reminds me that you are a programmer. So I allow you to transition your coding to meticulous words, because, you are my forever Poet. The bulls of Kakamega no … Continue reading Ramogi..!

Under The Stars

He is a Goodman, He needs a good woman;like you. Yes, I like him, He is an ice though, Held strongly by the bonds of the past, I see him everyday, We talk everyday. What kind of love is that one? One that tells you to close your eyes, Walk through the darkness and trust … Continue reading Under The Stars

How to Convert Your Non-Reader/Writer Partner into a Reader/Writer

I was just wandering along  the streets of facebook when I came across this lovely article by Munira Hussein. She calls herself Moon. I call her the Desert Rose. She is an author of Unfit For Society (read the review on:https://veraomwocha.com/3171-2/)which goes for 700 Kenyan Shillings, also, it will be up on Amazon very soon. … Continue reading How to Convert Your Non-Reader/Writer Partner into a Reader/Writer