Maskini Popo

Few months back there was uproar on social media particularly from Kilimani Mums Face Book Group. The named title wouldn’t give mothers rest because it talked about suicide. Actually, it just mentioned the word ‘Kujinyonga’.  The comments were full of rage.  Most of them condemned the publisher while others asked parents not to buy this … Continue reading Maskini Popo

The Heart Beat

The sweetness of the caress, Whispering lies to my ear lobes, Molesting the innocent words with fingers full of dirt, And a convulsing mind, At least, No visible blood.   For centuries to come, I believe, The words will keep on shedding tears, From the pains which I induce in them, As I press my … Continue reading The Heart Beat

The Lipstick

After calling Chris for more than five times, she sensed something was amiss. The talk they had had earlier in the day was disturbing. Her eyelids were twitching. That was a bad omen. Her grandma had warned her sometimes back that if the left eye twitched, death was hovering around. She also remembered the day … Continue reading The Lipstick


  Nyambura When I first met you, I knew I had the woman that would be the envy of my rika, When I first met you, I knew I had met my wife, The mother of my children, When I first met you, My world stopped When I first met you. Nyambura, Your uncle said … Continue reading Nyambura